The 7th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2020)

Welcome to PCM 2020!

The 7th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2020) will be held from August 17-20 in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

PCM conference aims to provide a forum for academic experts and participants to exchange their experiences and share research results about all aspects of Polymer and Composite Materials and discuss the encountered practical challenges and the adopted solutions.

Cairo is one of the largest cities in Africa and the Middle East. It has long been a center of the region's political and cultural life, and is titled "the city of a thousand minarets" for its preponderance of Islamic architecture. It’s famous Giza pyramid complex and the ancient city of Memphis are always there to remind you the glory time of ancient Egypt.

Important Dates

Time Countdown

First Round Submission
Submission Deadline: December 30, 2019

Paper Publication

1. Conference Proceedings
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Indexed by EI, Scopus, WOS, etc)

2. ISI Journals
e-Polymers (IF=1.491) in a Regular Issue
Applied Composite Materials (IF=1.556) in a Special Issue
Materials Express (IF=1.465) in a Regular Issue

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1. Best Oral Presentations

Congratulations! 7 winners of the Best Oral Presentations from PCM 2019 are awarded with the free accommodation to PCM 2020.

Session 1 – Mechanical, Tribological and Adsorption Properties
Winner: Ms. Bongkot Hararak, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand
Presented Paper: Processing-induced formation of ribbon-like cyclic olefin copolymer fiber for reinforcement of polyethylene blown film

Session 2 – Biomaterials and Eco-Friendly Processes
Winner: Dr. Toshihiko Arita, Tohoku University, Japan
Presented Paper: Powder cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) from industrial waste offcut cotton textile for a new sustainable nanofiller

Session 3 - Mechanical and Tribological Properties
Winner: Dr. Karolina Mazur, Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology, Poland
Presented Paper: Effect of wood/basalt hybridization on crystallization and mechanical properties of PLA

Session 4 - Electrical and Optical Properties, and Sensing Devices
Winner: Prof. Aminul Islam, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Presented Paper: Conductive composites based on hybrid fillers: Production and characterization

Session 5 - Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties
Winner: Dr. Xin Jing, Hunan University of Technology, China
Presented Paper: A scalable green method to fabricate durable PP/PTFE nanocomposite foam

Session 6 - Medical Applications
Winner: Dr. Helena Felgueiras, University of Minho, Portugal
Presented Paper: Biodegradable PVA/CA dressings functionalized with LL37 peptide reduce microbial action and colonization

Session 7 - Composite Materials: Fibers, Nanowires and other Fillers
Winner: Dr. Taiser Ahmed Mohamed Attia, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Presented Paper: Distribution of fillers and reinforcements in injection moulded thermoplastic composites: Case study of glass bubbles

2. Best Poster Presentations

Congratulations! 2 winners of the Best Poster Presentations from PCM 2019 are awarded with the free registration to PCM 2020.

Dr. Chang-Mou Wu National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Presented Paper: Effects of cellulose nanofiber on the thermal, mechanical and optical properties of cellulose triacetate nanocomposites

Mr. Kentaro Morita Kumamoto University, Japan
Presented Paper: One-pot synthesis of cyclodextrin-based polycatenanes as novel supermolecules



1. PCM 2019 Conference Proceedings have been published by IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering in Volume 634. [July 12, 2019]

2. PCM2019 is held in Bangkok from July 8-11 (2019) with 165 participants from 29 countries and regions.(see some reports/news about PCM2019) [July 12, 2019]

3. Selected Papers published in e-Polymers (Volume 19, Issue 1 ) are included in Science Citation Index (WOS). [May 20, 2019]

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